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No Peace In The Ginimbi Household And His Empire Is Crumbling Down


In the course of last year the whole South Africa came to a standstill when news of the death of night club owner Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure surfaced. Ginimbi died in an a car accident when his car caught fire and all passengers were burnt beyond recognition. He was later buried at his mansion in Zimbabwe.

While many are still struggling to find peace, it seems that it is war in the Ginimbi household and as reports, ‘his empire is crumbling down.’

It has been reported that Botswana Energy Regulatory Authority has ordered that Quick Gases ( PTY) Ltd, which is Ginimbi’s company, be shutdown.

This is due to the endless fights regarding Ginimbi’s assets that are now in the court. The fights are allegedly caused by the Kadungure family executor Patricia Darangwa and Ginimbi’s Operation Manager Leo Chiweshe who manages Ginimbi’s businesses in Botswana and has the power of attorney.


The fights have put a stain on Ginimbi’s employees and his clients who are failing to refill their gas cylinders which they get access to through dealerships.

The Regulatory Authority advised Ginimbu’s clients to return the Quick Gas cylinders to Pilane which is the company’s facility then exchange them for other brands.


Tshepang Monare who is the spokesperson of Bera confirmed the news and says they have received a number of complaints from clients who are failing to refill Cylinders that belong to Quick gas which could be result of the court case.

He explained that the Regulatory had to step in and help customers while waiting for a permanent situation.
The dispute between Quick Gas and Matiflex Oils ( Pty) Ltd were both run by Ginimbi while he was still alive.

Chiweshe is refusing to hand over the control of the business to Ginimbi’s family and their executor, who wants the court to ensure that Chiweshe’s power of attorney is null since Ginimbi died and to stop him from interfering with her duties.

Also in the list of her demands, she wants both companies be declared as not having directors eversince Ginimbi died.

That’s not all. The executor also wants Juliet Kadungure and Nomatter Zinyengere be confirmed as operarional and financial directors of both companies.

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