3 Months later… Rolls Royce issue statement on Ginimbi Accident


It’s been three months since flamboyant businessman and socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure died in a freaky accident along with three of his friends.

Ginimbi and friends were driving back home from his high end night club celebrating Moana’s birthday who also died in the accident.

They were driving one of his many luxurious cars, a Rolls Royce.

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After the accident thousand of Zimbabweans confronted Rolls Royce on how the accident happened.

The company has been mum for months now and has not said a word about it.

In recent days a Facebook page which was later discovered to be fake has been trending in the guise of wanting to issue a statement and mend relationships in Zimbabwe.


Below are the screenshots

Note this is not an official comment from the company, just a joke to make you laugh and lighten up your day.

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