Jonathan Moyo accused of raping pregnant model


Veteran modeling instructor Mrs. Sipho Mazibuko has posted on her Facebook page claiming that self-exiled G40 Kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo r_aped her 11 years ago while she was pre_gnant.

Prof Moyo, believed to be in Kenya, fled the country in November 2017 during Operation Restore Legacy.

He is wanted by the police after absconding court where he is facing charges of allegedly diverting of US$244 575 from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef).

Posting on her Facebook account on Friday evening, Mazibuko said efforts to report Prof Moyo, whom she said was powerful at the time, were ignored.

“Well, I have decided to empty my closet and speak out about a man who s_xually abused me when I was pr_egnant and went on to silence me because he was very powerful and untouchable,” she said.

At the time, self-exiled former Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri was still at the helm of the police services.

“I went to the police to open a docket against these evil men who had tormented my mind with s_xual and emotional abuse.

“The police recorded my statement but nothing was done to investigate my case. Till today my docket died a natural death. After my police report, I was admitted and the same men made sure my admission to the hospital was turned into a media curse. I was made a fool,” said Mazibuko.

Former top model alleges r_pe by Prof Jonathan Moyo

“My case didn’t even see the light of day. The police did nothing to those powerful men. They continued with their lives and I languished in a mental hospital. I had given them their names in my docket but they had to be protected because they were in Government offices, they were ministers.”

She said some powerful men do not care whether one is married or not or whether one consents or not. “Well, I was s_xually abused by Professor Jonathan Moyo and was too scared to even report or tell anyone until that fateful day 11 years ago when I went and told the police at Bulawayo Central Police Station what he had done to me,” she said.

“It happened years ago but it traumatized me. The silence was deafening. It was a loud drumbeat in my mind and I caved in. My mind couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Something has to give. These powerful men are still abusing women. Yes, they are and I encourage my fellow sisters to stop the rot. Let’s expose these devils. There is no need to keep quiet while they continue abusing woman after woman.”

Mazibuko said by speaking out, she had lifted the load of the s_xual abuse from her shoulders.

“If anybody wants to know more, they can talk to my lawyers. I am freeing myself of the emotional baggage. Those men are living their full lives.

They abuse us and continue as if nothing happened. I will not be silenced. They can threaten me with death but I am no longer scared of them,” she said.

Prof Moyo did not respond when asked to comment on Mazibuko’s allegations.

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