Ginimbi’s Botswana Business collapse


Zimbabwean multi millionaire and socialite Ginimbi left a business empire that stretched in three countries which are Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana.

His business empire in Botswana is at the brink of collapse.

According to Botswana weekly newspaper, The Monitor, greed is what is leading to the collapse of Ginimbi’s businesses.

The executor of Ginimbi’s Botswana business, Patricia Darangwa has taken the matter to court.

In court papers, Darangwa alleges that Kadungure’s family are fighting with Leo Chiweshe for the sole ownership of the companies.

Chiweshe was appointed by Darangwa to manage the businesses through the power of attorney.

Darangwa now wants Chiweshe to recuse himself from the businesses as he is failing to adequately run them.

She alleges that he is slowly sinking the companies to the ground.

Ginimbi’s companies which are in the middle of the melee are Quick Gases (Pvt) Ltd and Matiflex Oils (Pvt) Ltd.

But Chiweshe is now refusing to meet Darangwa in order to hand over the companies to the Kadungure’s.

Kadungure died in November 2020 after being involved in a horrific car accident.

Many people believed that he used muti to amass his wealth and predicted that they would crumble.

Source: The Monitor

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