Uproar as Pope like half n_k£d insta model


The internet has gone haywire after Pope Francis’ Instagram account was caught liking bikini photo of Model, Nata Gata.

A bikini model has claimed that Pope Francis’ Instagram account liked a racy photo of her dressed in stockings and suspenders.

Natalia Garibotto, 27, said the pontiff’s verified Franciscus account was among the 133,000 that “liked” an image of her standing at a school locker with a white crop-top and a skirt barely reaching her behind.

“My mum may hate my a** pics but the Pope be double-tapping,” the Brazilian joked with Barstool Sports, which also claimed to have seen the apparent papal seal of approval before it was removed.

There have been a bunch of hilarious reactions on the internet over Pope Francis‘ Instagram account liking a racy photo of a Model.

We know that Pope Francis doesn’t handle that official Instagram account so probably, the person handling it is about to be fired for becoming horny to the extent of using the Pope’s account to like that racy photo of the Model.

But it appears the account of the Pope has hit on the unlike button on that particular photo after the news broke and went viral.

The reactions on the internet are hilarious but hey, is there anything wrong with the Pope feeding his eyes on some beautiful damsels God created?

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