MSU students lose over $108k in graduation gowns scam


A group of students from the Midlands State University have lost money worth over zw$108k in a graduation regalia scam.

A group from the faculty of social sciences, Media and Society studies department were crooked by a crooky tailor who claimed he in charge of MSU graduation regalia.

The tailor identified as Tapiwanashe Phiri requested that students send him US$20 for a complete full set graduation regalia alternatively pay zw$2000.

Some students paid using Ecocash the money mounted to zw$22.000. The other US$860 was to be paid in cash upon collection.

When it was time for Phiri to deliver his end of the deal he begun giving the students excuses.

The gowns were expected to be delivered on Saturday morning, but he gave an excuse that his car had a breakdown so he couldn’t make it to Harare from Gweru, but promised to deliver the next day on Sunday morning.

On Sunday he gave another excuse that he couldn’t use public transport to deliver the gown so he would make it Monday Morning before 10am.

On Monday he was up on his delay tactics again kept postponing only to bring half backed gowns at 8pm.

When the gowns came they didn’t have the hoodies and had no caps as well.

His number was unreachable for students to complain and get their monies back to finish off paying for the remaining pieces of the academic regalia.

The students are demanding that Mr Phiri refunds them part of their money back to they could buy the hoodies and caps.

“All we want is our refund so that we can buy the caps and hoodies back this guy is a crook, we are angry at him he is a scam,” said Tinotenda one of the ‘scammed’ Students.

Phiri then promised to bring back the remaining pieces of the gowns on Tuesday but it was too late for the students who had ran out of patience as they reported him to Econet and got his line blocked.

Knowing he was being targeted, Phiri quickly removed all his funds from his ecocash before his line was blocked and barred.

Efforts to get a comment from Priri were fruitless as his phone rang and went unanswered.

The matter has not been reported to the police yet.

The MSU graduation is due tomorrow and some students haven’t gotten anything at all from the crook tailor.

Tapiwanashe Phiri
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