WATCH: Bushiri’s representatives caught stealing docket papers live on TV


Its just have few hours after the judge ar the Pretoria Magistrates court postponed the bail hearing for Prophet Shepard bushir,mary bushiri and a third accused.

The case has been postponed to Wednesday the 4th at 10:00 am.

But apparently some people who were watching the live court hearing noticed something fishy which happened in court after the court was adjourned.

As the eNCA were busy taking the a live video the camera went and caught a glimpse as one of the woman who looks like a lawyer stealing a docket after the judge steps out of the room.

The woman alongside another lady were seen stealing the docket and looking inside it as people who are looking for some information inside which they didnt find and resorted into taking another docket.

It was clear that they didn’t see that they were being televised.Some people have commented that if this is seen it might jeopardize the whole case and more cases can be charged.

The question still stand if the case will be withdrawn because of the docketvideos or there might be a replacement as they know this is a big case things like this were expected to happen.

See full video below:

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