See how much stoko girl charges for bookings


The John Vuli Gate Ladies were trending the whole of last week. Five ladies from Mhlanga started the John Vuli Gate challenge.

Their video was all over social media with more people joining the challenge.

The ladies who started the challenge were getting praise from everyone on Twitter even the owner of the song did the John Vuli Gate music video with them.

Since the ladies are well known now they shared the price list of how they charge per gig, but It seems like people are not happy with the money they are charging.

Some are saying the money is too much because she only knows one style while another’s are saying she is well known the money she is charging is so little. One even said she charging too much like she is Prophet Bushiri.

Below is the price list:

Who wants a “stoko” to dance at their wedding. Is it the wife? If it’s her, what tone would she be setting for this marriage?

Is it the request of the husband? How does he justify it to his wife why he wants this girl to come and dunusa at a cost of R5000?

Does the normal person who is NOT on Twitter or Facebook know her? You hire her for appearance and 90% of people on your event don’t know her. Point? let me tool.

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