WATCH: Shock as mom catches two daughters in lesbian s_£x


MaGewa of Phumula South Bulawayo suburb got a shock of her life after storming into her daughters’ room.

A lot had been going on under her room without even suspecting.

Her two daughters involved in the most taboo relationship. The young girls (Names withheld) were caught pants down having the pleasures of their time.

A source close to the family revealed to IndAfrica that the widowed mother of three called for a family meeting to discuss the taboo issue.

He says MaGewa had never been suspicious that such could be happening in her house as the oldest daughter has always had boys drooling over her.

When the young girls were asked to explain their behavior during the family meeting, they shockingly revealed that they had been s_£xually attracted to each other for over a year now. It has been easy for them to be intimate as they share a room and bed so no one would suspect anything.

The source also said the girls confessed to have pretended to go to bed early so they could go cuddle and go extremes exploring their s_£xualities.

Mandlovu first took a video before disrupting their pleasure. The video has however been shared on Social media by some pages.

Contacted for a comment MaGewa was not interested in having any of this.


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