WATCH: Fight in Parliament as Minister shows Wadyajena Middle Finger


Parliamentary Portfolio Committee chairman on Agriculture, Justice Mayor Wadyajena got a mouthful from Manicaland Resident Minister Ellen Gwaradzimba when she told the committee chairman to leave her alone and stop persecuting her.

Gwaradzimba appeared before committee in relation to a case where she is accused that she withdrew a 206-hectare farm in Chipinge from a senior Zanu PF official and gave it to her biological son, Remembrance Mbudzana.

Gwaradzimba questioned Wadyajena as to who sent him to persecute her.

The verbal altercation began after Wadyajena accused the resident Minister of invading the farm.

The Minister denied the allegations saying she had no power to give land as it was the Minister’s (late Perence Shiri) prerogative.

Before she left the meeting, the minister reminded Wadyajena that she fought for the country and could not be persecuted over falsehoods.

Watch the video below:

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