WATCH: Thoko Khupe being sworn in Parliament


MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe has been sworn in as MP today together with others nominated by her party after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission cleared them on Friday, and she will ultimately become leader of opposition in Parliament.

This comes two years after Khupe’s flirtation with the august house came to a dramatic end when Nelson Chamisa recalled her in 2018.

However, Chamisa has said the move to get Khupe back in Parliament was unconstitutional and, therefore, a nullity, adding that all the effort was meant to frustrate the people and subvert their vote.

“We have people who are in government out of criminal conduct and fraud and they can only continue to be in government through fraud. Their foundation and framework is fraudulent and we cannot allow that to continue,” he said.

Chamisa, who has been under siege amid recalls of Members of Parliament and councillors as well as the takeover of his party offices across the country, among other issues, said it was sad that a person rejected by the people used the backdoor to get back into Parliament.

Khupe garnered only 45 000 votes in her attempt to be the country’s President against Chamisa’s over two million votes.

Her swearing-in makes her the leader of opposition in Parliament, despite her party losing heavily in the 2018 elections, managing only two proportional representation seats.

As a result of recalls by Khupe, 32 parliamentary seats and 165 council seats have fallen vacant.

Chamisa said his party was under siege, adding that it would rise again.-Additional reporting- Zimvoice.

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