ActionSA dumps #PutSouthAfricanFirst endorses foreigners


ActionSA, a political party led by former Johannesburg Premier Herman Mashaba has announced they will no longer support campaigns against foreigners.

Campaigners against illegal immigration presumed Mashaba would automatically become the face of their cause and his party would advance their interests.

Mashaba’s policies seemed to be similar to the agenda pushed by groups supporting the deportation of foreigners from South Africa such as the #PutSouthAfricansFirst campaign.

#PutSouthAfricansFirst held a successful maiden campaign last month in Pretoria and petitioned the Nigerian and Zimbabwe embassies over illegal immigration of their citizens.

Their hopes were dashed when the charismatic leader’s party released a short statement on social media distancing themselves from mushrooming campaigns against foreigners.

ActionSA labelled the groupings xenophobic and assured its members that the party would rather initiate its own immigration policies than follow these movements.

ActionSA has noted the proliferation of xenophobic movements in South Africa and we have resolved to be leaders and not followers in the struggle for immigration control in South Africa.

The enemy is not foreigners. The enemy is our government.

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