WATCH: H_0rny man caught using Bluetooth s_*ex in public


A h_orny man watching a roadshow was caught using African Bluetooth magic to bonk a dancer during a music dancing show.

The short and chubby man could be seen making movements with his waist as the dancer wowed fans on stage. The man did not seem to care about his surroundings as his senses had been overtaken by his feelings.

The unsuspecting dance kept dancing to the tune being played on stage as the man continued with his dark acts.

Watch the video below :

African Bluetooth magic at work:

What is African Bluetooth magic?

African Bluetooth magic is the use of muti or juju to bonk a woman unknowingly from a distance.

Sometimes women may feel that something unusual is happening to them, sometimes they don’t.

Witchcraft in Africa

There are many types of African magic that are used for different purposes.

African Bluetooth, as it is known in Africa, is a form of witchcraft.
Witchcraft exists in the beliefs of many peoples throughout the world.

itches are typically seen as particularly active after dusk when law-abiding mortals are asleep. They are believed to use nocturnal animals as the transport to carry out their activities.

Some witches do not travel at night but carryout their ‘evil’ activities in broad daylight such as the use of lighting or snakes.

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