Man in Shock after discovering his wife is Lesbian


It is always hard to find out about partner’s secret especially when you have had a long term relationship or marriage.

This is the case with a man whose wife he discovered is in a relationship with her female best friend.

The shock of realising his wife is bis_xual has hit him hard and he has decided to share his predicament on social media.

Posting in a Zim confessions- Deep secrets group, the man had this to say;

Admin hide pliz. It’s not a confession I’m desperately in need of advice. I’m still in shock as I write.

I discovered marimwezuro kuti my wife of 8 years is bis_xual and she sleeps with her best friend.

Ndaingonetsekawo all along kuti why friend iyi ndisingambonzwewo kuti ine bf or a failed marriage hayo but ndaingoti it’s none of my business saka marimwezuro I saw msgs and pics mufon memukadzi.

Andisati ndabvunza bt I’m broken hama. We have two children and dnt know how they’ll take it should this come out or should I walk away and leave her and her sidechik. Ndibatsireiwo

Below are some of the Comments

“Wakapusa mitisa friend yacho iyoyo simple umuchepese (You are daft, impr_gnate the friend and fix her”
..Go for deliverance please

“On a serious not, this is fucked up on so many levels, gara naye pasi moonesana. Im sure she also considered the repercussions of her behaviour if this ever comes to light. All in all bro i dont envy being you right now”

“F**k them both…have a threesome Get in on the Action”

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