WATCH: Pastor removes demons by kissing congregants

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An unfamiliar and unprecedented form of demon casting has emerged online with an unidentified pastor shown kissing a woman to carry out the task.

The practice which is weird has attracted grown criticism online with many doubting the sincerity and morality of such.

Below is the video:

Prophet casting out demons…zvichiri zve Church here izvi ?

Posted by ZimCelebs Official on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

As usual, the comments section is lit with people criticising the act,

Where is “GOD” when people are abusing his church like this,to most of the people heaven will be a dream…
Thembi Masuku

People must study the word of God for eye opening to avoid these dramatic people like serious is this biblical Big fat Noooooo
Elias Abiton

Jesus is coming back must know that…. Why yu do adultery pachena kuda kudai aaaaaaaa Panyo
Cecillia Alli

We are in the ending time according to the bible most fake prophet will raise they will be doing wrong things

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