Ethiopians offered SA govt R100M for permanent residence


JOBURG, SOUTH AFRICA THOUSANDS of Ethiopian are dangling an offer of R100 million to the government for residence permits.

The offer hit a snag with Mzansi reluctant to accept would help boost the economy and create jobs.

The Ethiopians made the offer through the South Af organisation which provides support to refugees.

They had been contacting various government institutions. They also contacted Deputy President David Mabuz Jackson Mthembu.

Glory Dlamini, Mthembu’s personal assistant, confirmed the issue last month but said it was rejected immediately.

“To me, agreeing to the Ethiopians’ proposal to give exchange for permanent residence permit is like selling out my own country.

“I received the paper from Ethiopians some time and I’ve seen it but I will definitely give it to him soon.

“Frankly speaking, their proposal for permanent residence is exactly what the Guptas were doing here.”

It was reported that 5 000 Ethiopians had said they w over six months as capital to start the SADEF industries.

“We’re not talking about all Ethiopians, but a specific Diaspora Forum in Joburg,” said a spokesperson.

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