Bitter husband attempts suicide on Facebook Live


Kelvin Kairu a burn survivor. He opens up, about the ordeal he went through and shares his story of healing and forgiveness. Kairu is a father of two beautiful girls and a husband.

He lived a simple life and they were happy in his home until one day in the early hours of the morning when he was going going to work at Nanyuki town, Kenya.

He didn’t know that just around the corner he would meet a scene that would reshuffle his whole life.

He says as he was approaching a corner on his way to work, he didn’t know he was walking into a trap!

Someone out of nowhere poured some liquid on his face. He didn’t understand what had just happened but his face felt like it was on fire. And he couldn’t see properly.

He ran into the road thinking that person could still be following him. Ran to a nearby locked shopping complex where a security guard opened the gate for him.

He was taken to the tap to wash off. But it still burnt. They contacted his wife who rushed down and took him to the hospital. They treated him, but for 2weeks he couldn’t see and talk about the horrific experience. Luckily, his eyesight restored.

Back home with his supportive wife, their situation started getting hard as he couldn’t work and his medication was not cheap.

His friends turned their backs on him. One even called to tell him to stop posting his pictures on Facebook as he was shaming them.

One day he sent his wife for an errand. And he drank 25 pills. Luckily the neighbor’s kids who were used to coming to his house started knocking.

Their mother was surprised why he wasn’t opening knowing how much he loved the kids. On arrival, she found him unconscious on the couch.

He was taken to the hospital and the tablets neutralized. No one bothered to ask why he did it.

He reached out to his friend who is also a burn survivor. And they met. He offered to give him some money so he can go rent a room for 2nights just to have some time to himself.

He slept the first night, in the morning he went to the chemist and purchased more pills. Went live on Facebook and left a message for his family. He drank them. And was rushed to the hospital. But the pills only made him be sleepy.

The doctor told them it was because he had already received a neutralizer from the last episode.

After that, he made a decision that he was going to live for the sake of his kids and wife.

He says, “I have forgiven the person who burnt me because I had to forgive first before I could heal”

Source: OperaNews

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