Cape Town to experience more earthquake shakeups today ?


While experts have agreed that the tremors that quite literally left Capetonians feeling shook on Saturday evening and Sunday morning are unlikely to cause further concern, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye out for any further shake-ups on Monday.

The City of Cape Town has confirmed that no damage to property has been reported so far, and there were no injuries or deaths to report as a result of either earthquake.

Thankfully, neither of the local tremors – nor the larger seismic event – can cause a tsunami.

2020 continues to pile on the bizarre.

It was widely reported that many regions in the Cape Town Municipality were shaken by a 6.2 magnitude quake which occurred deep in the South Atlantic ocean yesterday.

The rumbling was recorded at 19:10, before being felt in various locations some 90 minutes later.

But the CGS has explained that this is the result of two separate seismic events.

They have gone on record to state that Cape Town was hit by a ‘different tremor’, reported at 20:41. This came in at 2.5 on the Richter Scale, measuring an incredibly low value.

Nonetheless, it was enough to reportedly shake houses and move the ground across the Mother City.

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