Zodwa at it again with another hot n_*de pic… Check it out


Zozo has struck again and this time leaving some people’s sons thirsty!

The picture sent shockwaves on social media with other men asking her to show them the other side of her body, while others begged for a chance to date her.

Bored Zodwa Wabantu took to Instagram to remind her followers what she is made of.

She got a picture taken whilst she was facing her garden and posted with a caption, “When you Have my Back ?If ain’t Going Nowhere Was A Person Zodwa Wabantu??? Looking at The Jungle out There in Front of Me? .”


So creative is Zodwa that she gets a lot of engagement from her posts.

Zodwa came from humble beginnings and she said she used to sleep with men and expected cash from them as it was her means to an end.

She began by competing for the top spot with fellow dancer Skolopad. Not to be outdone, she decided to reinvent her game and to dancing whilst holding a beer.

She dressed nicely and attended uptown and classy parties and events only. She left the downtown ones to Skolopad .

Her stock started to rise as her videos were shared on social media. She became one of the most searched people on the internet.

Her social media following increased rapidly and she was lined up for shows in other countries.

She soon signed for DJ Tira ’s record label. Speaking after the signing ceremony, Zodwa wrote: “He trusted me with his brand as DJ Tira & Afrotainment. He never said udume kabi (you have a bad reputation) and I can’t help you Zodwa Wabantu. He gave me an opportunity I have grown.”

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