These are the new ZESA tariffs with immediate effect


As earlier reported by, Zesa Tariffs have been increased with effect from 23 September 2020, by 50%.

Government, through Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana, had earlier indicated a possibility of the increase given viability issues surrounding the value of electricity and other alternative sources of energy like gas, firewood or paraffin.

Zesa has adjusted the charges as follows according to Techzim;
Nick Mangwana was quoted saying;

New tariffs take effect from the 23rd of September 2020.

New tariffs
Consumption Bands kWh Price (ZWL$)
1 – 50kWh 0.74
51 – 200kWh 1.62
201 – 300kWh 4.41
300 and above 6.92
For comparison here is the old ZESA tariff structure
Consumption Bands kWh Price ZWL$
First 50 0.49
51 – 200 1.08
201 – 300 2.94
301+ 4.61

Average Energy Cost for cooking 2 meals a day for a month is; Electricity – ZW$ 83.90 Paraffin – ZW$2728.50 Firewood – ZW$2400 LP Gas – ZW$780?

There is a case for reviewing electricity tariff so it can be market sensible and attract more investment into the sector.

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