WATCH: Apostle brags about leaked n_*des


The controversial Apostle Muchenje has once again struck a gigantic chord in response to his leaked n_des.

Last Muchenje describes himself as;

“I call myself a comedian, fitness geek �. I’m actually mean and people think I’m joking”

Muchenje who is mostly known for his lethal tongue when it comes to responding to critics this time is unapologetic about the leaked n_des and acknowledges that it is indeed him.

He even goes on to expose his senior church members.

“I have your many secrets but I don’t say anything, Vamushanidze imimi mune girlfriend yenyu yamabvisisa nhumbu.

“Adam mubhaibheri anga akapfeka? (Was Adam in the bible clad?)
“You go on and show your wives my nudes and you tempt them, I know that I am well built.” He lashes out.

He advises his congregants to forget this episode and goes on to announce his new anointing oil which helped one of his congregants to get a job.

Watch the full video below;

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