SA woman explains how she escaped being trafficked by ‘Zimbabwean’ man


A South African woman explains how she escaped near-death/kidnapping experience after a man driving an expensive Benz offered her lift and she refused.

Below is the post describing the whole inciden.

Bathong ladies around Midrand please be safe!!

So 45mins ago i was by boulders waiting for my transport,a black A45 Mercedes Benz stopped next to me asking if he could drop me off to my place,,i said nah im good my boyfriend is picking me up. He said okay and “left”.

He looked so dodgy! 5mins later he comes back im now starting to get annoyed because Moguy is boring me,he asked if I hadn’t changed my mind kare no,but something told me to look into his car,in the back seat i saw a bloodstained shirt that looked dry..i was like no here im shifting or else things will get weird.

As i was about to move to a more secure spot he opened his door and walked towards me,i ran luckily two women were walking my direction,they saw him walking faster n me running they screamed for help thats where he went back n drove off!

I was f__ked up dizzy and all that sh_t happened in less 20mins. We could’nt even get his reg but he sounded Zimbabwean.

Anyway ladies please be safe and decline any lift you didn’t ask for,more especially if it sounds forced.

Its almost festives and these people are on a leash,they need money. Dont fall for these nice cars,wa nyewa.

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