Razor Blade In Fanta


Zimbabweans have raised concern after a razor blade was found in an unopened bottle of Fanta.

Pictures of the sealed bottle of Fanta containing a razor blade circulated on social media earlier this week. The pictures appear to have been taken at a distributor’s shop.

On social media, Zimbabweans have expressed concern over the incident saying such products are a threat to public health.

“This clearly shows that these bottles are not cleaned when reusing them. It also shows that our friends who are selling us drinks they are careless,” said one person on Facebook.

“We will consume poisonous products one day,” chipped in another.

Some social media users urged Delta to take action by removing the affected batch from the market.

“The whole batch should be recalled,” a commenter said.

Since pictures of the contaminated drink started circulating, there has been no comment from Delta which produces and markets the drink in Zimbabwe.

Source: ChiwesheNews24

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