Wife elopes with boyfriend 3 days after hubby pays US$8000 Lobola


Man marries wife for USD8K on Saturtady and on Monday wife elopes with a lover: Pics. There was drama and it has left social media in stitches as well as sad.

News is that a man only identified as Leopold was scammed in a fake marriage in which her 2-day wife eloped with another man soon after he paid USD8 000 as Lobola.

We have pictures oof Leopold and the woman identified as Chido at their Lobola ceremony.

Below is the version of the story as it is being said on social media and the pictures of the whole people involved in this scandalous entanglement.

Imagine Paying 8000 USD For Lobola then 3 days
Later Mkadzi wawaroora obva Atiza hake Kuenda ne Boyfriend…
Tawanda, the lover who eloped with married Chido.

This is the Case of a man only identified as Leopold who got married to Chido on a Saturday akabva atizwa hake Musi we Tuesday.

Chido is now staying na blaz vane cap ye Red avooo.

And below is another version of the same story…

Ma streets anopisa aya ? so this is Tawanda carlton Mugadzaweta ( @carltonteemugz ) ndiye akatora Chido Huni ( @chido_kiara ) Our sis wekutiza murume 3 days after she got married…

Chido is now the 4th wife ‍♂️ …. and here is the tea… Uyo waanaye is One of his baby mama’s Chipo Moreblessing Dori who was Chido’s Friend … Blaz vaiuya kuzoona Chipo ndobva vatorwa na Chido ??

Source – MbareTimes

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