Man Records Nandos employees removing expiry dates from ‘expired’ products

Fast foods franchise Nando’s has been embarrassed by a former employee after he claimed to have videos of fellow employees removing expiry date stickers from some company products.

The revelations were made at the Harare Magistrate’s court in a case between Simbisa brands and its former employee Talent Chirumezani.

Talent Chirumezani appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court on Monday facing charges of extortion after he demanded US$10 000 from one branch manager to delete the videos from his mobile device.

Chirumezani allegedly recorded videos of employees removing expiry date stamps on selected products in one of Nando’s outlets in Harare.

The accused stored the videos in his mobile device and proceeded to meet Simbisa Brands General Manager George Marufu before demanding that he be given $10,000 United States Dollars by his company or he would extensively post and share the videos on his social media platforms to tarnish the reputation and image of Simbisa Brands Limited.

Sensing he was being extorted, Marufu reported the matter to the police and authority to trap was granted,
Marufu contacted Chirumezani to meet and perform the transaction in Greenwood Park.

The unsuspecting Chirumezani was nabbed by the police and found in possession of the USD 10,000 and the money was recovered.

The state will use the serial numbers on the money as evidence against Chirumezani.

Speaking to H-Metro after the incident, Chirumezani said he was revenging over his ‘unfair dismissal and looking for ways to make money as he needs to feed a family.

“The bosses fired me over a petty issue that is why I wanted to find ways of getting money to feed my family.

“Zvinhu hazvinakundimirira mushe pakaipa unenge wakutsvagawo nzira yekuti urarame waiketa (Things are not well and I was just looking for a way to survive),” said Chirumezani.


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