South Africa to reopen borders this week?


Expectations are rising for South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to address the nation this week on moving the country to lockdown level 1.

South Africa is currently experiencing the sharp downward move in COVID-19 infections, with a recovery rate of 90%.

If Ramaphosa is to surely move the nation to level 1 this will see the country relaxing almost if not all lockdown regulations including opening borders for foreign visitors.

This comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa and health minister Zweli Mkhize have hinted that SA could be moving to level 1 soon.

Minister Zweli Mkhize also said last week that the nation might be moving to level 1 in a matter of days.

The South African economy has been hit hard by the pandemic a lot of people have lost their jobs.

Ramaphosa is putting his economy first as he focuses on getting the country back to normal.

The current lockdown has exposed so much inequality, poverty and corruption in the country.

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