Latest Update on South Africa moving lockdown to level 1


Expectations are high for South Africa to move from Lockdown level 2 to lockdown level 1.

The President Cyril Ramaphosa is having a busy day today with a series of meetings lined up for him on how best they can restore the failing economy.

Industry captains, scientists, musicians and the general public have expressed that they are ready to move up to level one and get their lives back to normal.

Vaccine expects have said the country is ready to move to level 1.

DJ Tira has revealed how happy he is as he feels there is a possibility the lockdown will move to ‘level 1’.

This is coming after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a few weeks back that the Covid-19 lockdown is now on level 2 .

But many South African celebrities were not happy as they demanded that lockdown regulations around concerts be amended.

According to celebrities, they want at least 70 per cent capacity at live events. The artists took to N3 Highway near the Spaghetti Junction in Durban to make their protest. The hitmaker posted that he “smells” that the much more relaxed Level 1 is coming soon.

DJ Tira cannot wait for Mzansi to move to Level 1 of the Covid-19 lockdown .

The musician has taken to social media to share with his fans that he thinks the country will move to Level 1 soon. He said: “I smell Level 1 coming soon

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