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‘South African government manipulating covid-19 data’


The EFF has rubbished the recent announced lockdown level 2.

The EFF which is led by Julius Malema said the reopening of the economy is based on misinformed data and less testing hence putting the lives of many at risk .

EFF attacks Ramaphosa and the health department for manipulating data for economic gain.

The statement says, “They is no evidence that cases have decreased as the President claims.”

The opposition party is therefore calling fir an independent review of cases that government should not be involved in the covid-19 stats.

EFF goes on to rubbish the lift of alcohol and cigarettes ban saying the government was pressured by big Business people who think of their pockets more than the lives of the people.

“Hot spots halted testing so they can justify the lifting of the lockdown” read the statement.

Indafrica publishes the full statement by EFF in reaction to the lifting of lockdown regulations.

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